Light Discs: An Experiment Gone Right!

Light Discs: An Experiment Gone Right!

For ChrisLights video #2, I decided to test out an idea I had whilst laying in bad, looking up at my ceiling.

I figured that, when combined with fast rotation, a high-density LED strip attached to my ceiling fan would create a neat persistence-of-vision effect.

I took a fan blade down and attached the LED strip using elastic bands. I added an Arduino Pro Mini to drive the LED strip and a LiPo battery to power it all. I used the FastLED "100-line" demo reel on the Arduino, which cycles through some awesome effects.

The Results

You can see the results (and more of an explanation) in the video below:

I've placed all the photos I took on the public domain. You can download them here. No attribution is required, but I'd love to hear from you if you enjoy or use any of the photos!

This project has given me lots of cool ideas for future light painting projects, and I'm excited to pursue those in the not-too-distant future.