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In Fits And Starts

My poor blog has been neglected for most of 2016. I've gone through quite a few hobbies and projects (with varying degrees of success), and haven't had enough spare willpower to keep my blog up to date.

Side Projects and Hobbies

  • Photography (using a Canon EOS M, I've taken some decent wildlife shots and had good fun in general)
  • 3D modeling (using Blender and a Udemy course, I made good progress but haven't done any modeling in a couple of months)
  • Game programming with Unity (followed a few tutorials and made some basic projects, haven't touched in a couple of months)
  • Learning to play guitar (haven't picked up the guitar in months)

Christmas Lights

I've also completed my 2016 Christmas lights, which has taken up a lot of my time recently. I'll detail this in an upcoming post.

In addition to this year's lights, I've fallen out of love with my Sparkled side project, and back in love with it again. It's gone through a rewrite and I've rethought a lot about how it will all fit together. Again, more details on this later.

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